Do Yoga

Yoga is a 5,000 year old system of health that’s tailor-made for today’s frantic world – which is why so many retreats now include it. Far more than just a feel-good exercise, yoga affects every part of your being, and a well-chosen yoga holiday can help you tone up and energise the body, release pent up stress and anxiety and reconnect with yourself in a short space of time. Choose a yoga retreat for fully immersive experience, usually with mainly vegan food and no alcohol, or a yoga holiday for a little more down time, vegetarian meals (with possibly the option of fish) plus a glass of wine or two should you want it. If you want to combine yoga with a sporty activity on your retreat such as walking, horse-riding, surfing or stand up paddle boarding, or a treatment programme such as ayurveda, take a look at a activity + yoga retreat. Be warned: you may return from one of these retreats addicted to the yoga mat.